Allan Richards

Alan Richards

Allan Richards“THE heavens often rain down the richest gifts on human beings, naturally, but sometimes with lavish abundance bestow upon a single individual beauty, grace and ability, so that, whatever he does, every action is so divine that he distances all other men, and clearly displays how his genius is the gift of God and not an acquirement of human art.”

Allan Richards was born in Robins Bay, St. Mary, Jamaica in 1972 and began drawing at the age of thirteen. He attended Islington High School where he pursued art as one of his subjects. At Islington High School he participated in various school festivals of the arts and won first place.

Richards got his inspiration to pursue art as a career in 1993 after he was invited by a friend to the art studio of Errol Walker. He developed a friendship with walker who taught him the basic fundamentals of painting. After a few lessons Allan purchased various art books and embarked on the study of various art forms and processes on his own.

During the summer of 1995 he was introduced to Errol Allen and invited Allen to take a two week vacation at his home in Robins Bay. It was then that both men forged an artistic bond and Richards artwork started to show promise. Between 1995 and 2001 Richards embarked on a series of private studies with Errol Allen. It was during this period of his development that Richards began to produce significant works of art and captured the interest of many art connoisseurs and galleries.

In 2001 he entered the J.C.D.C. Festival for the Arts in Ocho Rios, where he won first place and was awarded the National Commercial Bank trophy for his landscape painting of his home town. Richards particularly likes to paint landscapes as he is inspired by the beautiful seascapes, mountain ranges and valleys of his home town, Robins Bay. In recent times he has developed an affinity for painting still life forms and has masters the art of representing still life in a realistic manner. His ultimate goal is to paint in a manner indistinguishable from a photograph.

Alan is inspired by Jamaican artists such as Barrington Watson, Colin Garland, Cecil Cooper, George Rodney, Royan Grey and Errol Allen.