Heather Sutherland-Wade

Heather Sutherland-Wade

Heather Sutherland Wade“The desire to paint comes when I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. What the end product on the canvas will be? I am never sure!

My “gift of art” enhances my view and concepts of landscapes and horizons…and with the absence of self-occupation, delight in God’s creation. I feel His sensitivity in flowers…in the array of colours and delicate petals, reflecting love and compassion…sprays of joy.

I experience His refreshing grace as I gaze on bubbling brooks and laughing waters. I sense His peace as I am enraptured by a tropical sunrise, fishing boats at rest…and the evening sun, lighting the hills, settling behind the mountains.

As a landscape artist, I am blessed with the ability and the opportunity to “see abundantly”, and to practice the discipline of simple thankfulness to the Creator for opening heaven’s windows and allowing me to experience creation from a unique vantage point.”

Education/General Information

Heather was born in Mandeville Manchester, Jamaica and attended Manchester High School. She received her training at Alberta College of Art, Alberta, Canada where she excelled as a student. She has had several years practicing her art.
Her interpretation of Jamaica’s national treasures covers the range of charming houses to old country churches, majestic cathedrals and imposing public buildings. This however, is not the limit of Heather’s creativity, as she expresses herself in her vibrant abstracts, water colours and murals.

She is also one of Jamaica’s foremost graphic designers and many of her Corporate Annual Reports have been awarded winning productions.